Resort Guide

We promise ourselves to sustainability


Those who profit, bear responsibility. In our actions, we pay attention to the consumption of resources in terms of ecological, economic and social consideration for future generations.


Regional value creation

Products and resources we obtain and process, as far as possible, in our valley. A notable example is the Valbella Bio Beef. Together with our neighboring farmer Marco Parpan, we breed organic beef. The animals are carefully kept and benefit from a species-appropriate husbandry. They have the privilege to graze on the lush meadows around the Valbella Resort until they reach their mass. Then they are processed according to the sustainability principle "From Nose to Tail", prepared by our chef and his team to fine organic beef dishes and finally served to our guests as real natural meat from the region.


Water is the basis of all life. Awareness of this importance is indispensable for us. In addition to a mindful approach to the liquid gold in our homes, we also want to raise awareness of the infinite importance of water. That is why we support the water ambassador Ernst Bromeis with his life project "The Blue Wonder". A significant portion of the revenue from the sale of our spring water flows into the development of the water projects of the Grisons Water Pionieer!


Significant organizations are supported by Valbella Resort. We maintain personal partnerships with them. We are a proud member of the following formations: Swisstainable, myclimate «Cause We Care»«Responsible Hotels of Switzerland»

Food Waste

Our kitchen crew pays attention to sustainable portioning while producing and serving. With the question for a supplement we spoil our guests of course with pleasure sufficiently. Kitchen waste and any food waste are converted into renewable energy and biogas through energy conversion processes.


Continuously and over the years we invest in sustainable energy and try to optimize our ecological footprint. In the past, we heated with oil and geothermal probes. An air-source heat pump has been added to the energy concept, which uses the outside air as a heat source. Two types of heat pumps are combined: A winter pump and a summer pump. Which regulate and adjust themselves according to the natural temperature changes of the seasons. Furthermore, with our own photovoltaic system on the roofs and balconies, electricity is produced and fed into the grid. We achieve 300,000 kWh annually. Through these measures we have reduced the heating oil consumption by 65 percent, which means we save 70'000 liters of heating oil per year. We support our guests who arrive with electric vehicles. You can conveniently charge your cars in our own parking garage at our electric charging stations.


We offer our employees a "home in the mountains". We respond individually to needs and create attractive and interesting working conditions in a challenging environment. "Education" is an important component at Valbella Resort and is integrated into everyday life. Weekly meetings with our hotel coach or internal German courses are available upon request.


In purchasing we pay special attention to sustainable materials and products. Our guests are used to arriving with their own slippers. This is because we consciously refrain from handing out disposable slippers. In all wet rooms we use reusable bottles for shampoo and soap dispensers. We use unbleached, recyclable toilet paper in all our houses. Our kitchen brigade designs the breakfast buffet without packaging. All products, except allergens, are presented without wrapping. In our offices, we print on "Blue Angel" environmental paper and regularly remind people to work paperless.

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